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See if this program is right for you by acknowledging the program commitments below:
  • TIME – commitment is key to becoming a leader for tomorrow, so you need to dedicate the time.  We will have:

    • One private (1:1) online meeting session per month (1 hour ) ~ decided each month 

    • One Jungle Sista group online meeting session ever 6 weeks (45 min) 

    • Opportunity to link to guest speakers each month (For those who cannot make this session, a recording will be available for you to view). 

    • Homework! Yes you will need to make time to focus on YOU and we will have workplan activities set.

  • YOUR COMMITMENT – How you see yourself will be challenged.

    • You need to be open to constructive criticism/objective feedback

    • You need to be open to re-think the way you professionally and personally conduct yourself.

    • Your ability to strategically think and how you handle life lessons will develop.

    • Your daily interaction with others in your current career may also change, so be open to a fresh new start.

    • Positive attitude is the best way forward! 


Where you would like to see yourself in the next 2-5 years is not impossible: you just need a plan; someone to guide and support your growth; to develop your own confidence, and have that trusting mentor to help support your awakening journey.
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