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I am here to support YOU & provide direction as you need. You are not alone!  ~ Jess McKelson

Sometimes we just need guidance.... 

I remember when I first started my career all I needed was a special someone to help guide me to the next level and also work through any challenges I may have stumbled across. As a leader you have to show strength for your team and your employee, but when you go home, who do you speak to that understands? Who wants to listen and who can help you that is neutral and objective? Who do you TRUST? What is the next step in my career? 

I am offering you the opportunity to connect with me, so I can help you work through any topics that you may have now hit a brick wall in your career, and cannot see the path ahead. You do not need to be a leader, to choose this option. You can be in any position working in the wildlife and conservation industry and just need me to help provide you with some direction to wards a solution or the next step. 

I available to help both women and men in the wildlife and conservation industry, who are seeking direction and someone to talk too.
There is no min or max time you want to work with me, so it depends on you and your journey. 

Our 1:1 program can range from various topics that you need help with or simply be that person who listens and provides objective solutions to help you succeed. 


TRANSFORM Mentoring Program - Intense 1:1 mentor sessions where you reset, refocus and redefine yourself

  • AUD $70 per hour

  • $400 for 6 x sessions

  • $800 for 12 x sessions


Terms and conditions:
- Date and time is set together

- 12 month expiry date to use the sessions

- 1 hour session can be online.

- Follow up phone call applies 24 hours after the session (or as arranged in the 1:1)

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