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Buckle up, and know that it's going to be a tremendous amount of work, but embrace it ~ Tory Burch, Fashion Designer

The first six months are about understanding who you are and what you want to achieve. Together we will work through a 6-month program, which will help you become focused and determined to be a leader in your own profession.


The six months will be about developing and implementing your program. You will be introduced to key topics each month, and we will discuss and look at how this can become part of your personal empowerment plan to achieve success in your industry.


As we start the six-month self-discovery journey you will move through a transition period, which is an important step to becoming a leader in the future. Each month we will work on management topics and how this all relates back to your conservation/wildlife career. We will explore the current examples and challenges you are currently facing and having the most impact in preventing you from moving forward.

As you start to develop, so will your ability to think strategically. I will help train you to recognize, prioritise and delegate so you can start to craft your leadership art for the future.

Most importantly, I am here to listen to you and be that person you can trust and discuss your challenges and successes with.

6-month topics (which may vary depending on your development plan and progress)

1.     Personal Plan – Who are you? Why are you a part of this program?
        Time to understand who you are and why you are fabulous!


2.     Workplace challenges– Learn to recognise the difference between healthy dedication and unhealthy stress, and how stress, both work and personal, can influence your career direction and often is a distraction. Turning negative into positive!

3.     Dealing with outside influences - How the people we surround ourselves with (friends, family, acquaintances) can often impact our career progression. Who are your positive influences and how can you connect with them? 

4.     Nature/ Nutrition/ Fitness – Personal happiness is often sacrificed and not seen as important when building a career. It is one of the most important steps to achieving a successful, long-lasting career. Train yourself to reward your body, nurture yourself and          

        connect with nature.

5.     Nature & Wildlife – how to connect and draw upon Mother Nature. This is one of the most important steps to help you remain optimistic for the future, and one of the most vital steps to keep yourself mentally nourished.

6.     Professional Development Plan - Executing your goals and working on your current daily progression plan, will develop a discipline to help build your strategy toward shifting into a leadership/management position.

7.     Resume’, interviews and job applications – preparing you for the next step! Start to review your current position and review how you present yourself to others in the workforce.

8.     Research – discover what is happening outside of your networks and expand your opportunities! How to continue to research your career path goals and how are others positioning themselves in these roles? How will this impact your development plan and how can you continue to improve on your journey, so you are recongised as a progressive leader? 

9.     Presentation skills – Developing the art to present in front of people and also how to best present yourself online with social media.           Positioning yourself in the workforce requires you to review how you present yourself professionally in front of multiple audiences. 

10.  Independence and self-confidence – Sticking to your professional development goals requires you to draw upon your inner strength and confidence to move forward. What is inner strength and how can you draw upon this? 

11.  Leap to the next level - Networking and how to use this for your development plan. What groups or circles should you be investing time in and how will this improve your career plan? Time to reach out and start opening yourself up to a world that has only                        opportunities awaiting 

12.  NEXT STEP – evaluate yourself and don’t stop! What does the future hold? Let's make dreams a reality and evaluate and continue your path to becoming the strong, inspiring women leader of tomorrow.   

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