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Welcome to Jungle Sistas!

You are brave, courageous and most of all have the incredible ability to be whatever you choose!

You have taken the first step to becoming part of a unique one-on-one empowerment program specifically designed to help women (and men) become successful in the conservation fields.


This webinar series will allow you to gain an in-depth understanding of these challenging and competitive fields. It will help you develop the necessary tools and personal attributes to give you the confidence to take the next steps into an exciting future.


The main focus of this exciting series will be the use of examples from endangered wildlife conservation and community development programs developed in remote Indonesia and my transformation into a leader of a conservation organisation where strategy and fundamental life principles and practices have married together for amazing personal and conservation outcomes. At the end of 6 months, you will have clearer direction and we will become a strong community to help you achieve your career goals along with lifestyle aspirations. Holistic learning in a community of like-minded women (and men) where we can share stories and experiences, connect with professionals, and discuss themes each month 

The Jungle Sistas program is a joint program for you to connect to inspiring professional leaders, that will discuss a set theme and open up to provide you with some tools and life experience. A chance to connect with other like-minded women who form part of the Jungle Sistas circle!


We will be a team for 6 months and will:

  • Introduce you to other inspiring women leaders within the industry, who will also share their knowledge and experiences (as well as their personal steps) on how to make it!


  • Over the 6 months we will focus on identifying what career path dreams are; developing a strong personal and professional development plan; and positioning yourself in the workforce.


  • You will become a ‘Jungle Sista’ and part of a special community of determined women who will form the foundations for your continued success. Our monthly mentor sessions will be conducted as a team and personally. 


The secret of success was that she dreamed and then she did! 

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